Attorneys Representing Capitol Dissidents Deplore Capitol Police Brutality and Racial Profiling


National Lawyers Guild Madison Chapter

Two well publicized arrests of African Americans at the Solidarity Sing Along August 26 in the Wisconsin State Capitol showed Capitol Police officers using excessive force and pain compliance techniques. Christopher (C.J.) Terrellā€™s arms were wrenched behind him and policeĀ applied to pressure to the front and side of his neck to immobilize him, after he sat down during his arrest, then he was dragged out with arms pinned behind him. Six officers tackled Damon Terrell, pinned him to the marble rotunda floor, twisted his wrist, and carried him out in a prone position face down; he was later charged with felony assault of an officer although he appears to be the victim. On August 21 a young woman was arrested using pain compliance as well. [Read our full press release here]

Video of the events, showing excessive use of force by police officers, is available here:

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